Adept Skill List

These are Skills that are SPECIFIC to Adepts and/or Skills that the Adept BEGINS with as part of his character creation.

These are IN ADDITION TO Basic Skills that all characters start with.

Available Weapon Proficiencies for Adepts
Firearms: Pistol Light Club/Baton
Firearms: Long gun Staff
Swordsmanship Crossbow
Fencing Archery
Knife Brawling
Knife Throwing


Relevant Ability
Notes & Modifier Check
Reading and Writing* Intelligence Mandatory for Adepts
Research Intelligence Essential skill for gathering research materials for new spells
Spell Craft Intelligence This is the ability to organize the concepts of magic and assemble, in the Adept’s mind, the words, symbols and conceptualize the actual act of casting. It is this skill which allows them to actually cast spells.  It is primarily used in comprehending the research for new spells, recognizing a spell someone else is casting and understanding someone else’s spell book.
Reading Magic Intelligence An ABILITY that comes with their class. BUT it does require an ABILITY Check EACH TIME the Adept attempts to use it. If the Ability Check fails the Adept may not attempt to read THAT PARTICULAR document (book, scroll, etc) until he goes up a level. At that point the Adept may try again.
Go to the page READING MAGIC for more details.


These Optional Skills (below) can be learned by an Adept.


Skill Relevant Ability Notes & Modifier Check
Alchemy Intelligence This is the skill to make the more Fantastic Potions, substances, etc that can (allegedly) grant powers such as Flight or Water Breathing, etc. Herbalism and the techniques learned there are essential to the basics of Alchemy.
Herbalism* Intelligence Knowledge of roots, herbs, leaves, bark, fruits, berries, etc and their uses and preparation and preservation for a variety of Natural Potions, tinctures, salves, ointments. Each of these ‘formulas’ must be learned or discovered, These are primarily medicinal in nature, though some can produce poisons. None of these will produce ‘Fantastic Effects’ (that is Alchemy) Herbalism is a prerequisite for learning Alchemy.
Knowledge, Arcanology Intelligence This represents the History of Arcane research. Knowing the names and histories of real and purported adepts of the past. The existence and names of books and tomes on arcane subjects, recognizing various symbols, glyphs etc. This is a prerequisite for Forbidden Lore.
Knowledge, Forbidden Lore Intelligence A deeper level of knowledge beyond Arcanology. This includes information about Demons, various monstrous beings and creatures, names, weaknesses, legends, rumors. (Not always 100% accurate!) Must know Arcanology
Knowledge, Runes Intelligence There are several Runic languages and each one is a unique skill. Examples include; Anglo-Saxon runes, Elder Futhark, futhork or Medieval Runes, Ogham, etc
Languages, Ancient Intelligence Each Ancient Language is a Unique skill. Ancient Greek, Latin, Arabic, Aramaic, Hebrew and Egyptian are the ‘basic’ ancient languages in researching magic. There are more obscure ones.
Languages, Modern Intelligence Modern Greek, German, French, etc can be valuable in research as well as when called upon to travel to distant libraries and exotic locations. Each language is a separate skill.
Mental Resistance Wisdom Successful use of this skill will give the Adept enhanced Will Power in resisting (Saving) versus Mental attacks such as Hypnotism, Charm, Command, etc for a period of ten minutes per point invested in the skill.
Mental Focus Wisdom Successful use of this skill before attempting any complex Intelligence or Dexterity based skill is the equivalent of ‘Taking 10’ to complete the task.
Prestidigitation Dexterity Though not a necessity for spell casting, Adepts use this skill in two ways. First, to add a touch of ‘showmanship’ to their casting and second (and more importantly) they use it to pass off or disguise Actual Magic as ‘Performance or Stage Magic’ so as to help conceal their true abilities.
Sleight of Hand Dexterity Like Prestidigitation, this skill is often used to disguise an Adepts real abilities as mundane ‘Stage Magic.’ It can also be handy under other circumstances.
Thaumaturgy Intelligence A highly advanced study of the arcane arts. More then the practical ‘how to cast a spell’ it is the study of the underlying Powers and Energies that make ‘Magic’ work. Arcanology and Forbidden Lore are both prerequisites of Thaumaturgy
Concentration Wisdom A successful skill roll in Concentration will make it possible for an Adept to concentrate on studying and memorizing spells for the next day, even in an otherwise distracting environment (Noisy tavern, pitching ship, clattering train car… It will not assist if the Adept is actually interrupted, struck, etc. A failed roll may be rerolled 20 minutes later. But three failures in a row will mean that the Adept has to give up for at least an hour before trying again.