Back Stabbing

The signature attack of a Robber/Footpad/Mugger Rouge. It is not a skill that all Rogue’s posses. To successfully employ it the Rogue must achieve Surprise on the victim. This is usually obtained by Hiding in Shadows until the victim is distracted or using Stealth to approach from behind.

Back Stabbing need not employ a knife or blade. Most Robbers prefer a sap or cosh, to render a victim unconscious and avoid a date with the Hangman for murder. However, even when employing such a weapon, there is a risk of accidentally killing the victim.

The amount of Damage done in a Back Stab is based on the weapon, the Rouge’s Strength and his or her level.

Assuming the Rogue is unnoticed, the Attack from Behind is at +4 to Hit.

Robber LevelBack Stabbing Damage
1-4Double Damage
5-8Triple Damage
9-12Quadruple Damage
13-16Quintuple Damage

It IS possible for any type of Rogue to learn the Back Stab technique, but it must be purchased by the Rogue as a skill, after being taught the technique by a Mugger at least 3 levels higher then the student.