Class vs Class

In role playing games (particularly those related to D&D) the term ‘Class’ refers to the ‘profession’ of the character, also called the ‘Character Class.‘  Fighter, Cleric, Magic User, etc.  It defines what your character is able to do in the context of the game.
In Victorian Dreadful that meaning still exists.  BUT, there is another meaning that carries as much weight and importance in the context of Society in Victorian Dreadful.  Class in this case refers to ‘Social Class.’

In Victorian England, indeed every country in the 19th century, Social Class is what defined an individual in the eyes of society far more then profession. Your family and their social class defines you.  How you were born is more important then what you do!  Social class will largely determine your education and career opportunities and in doing so establish restrictions on what your character can do.  The lower your social class, the fewer options you have in life.

NOTE: Unless otherwise determined, ALL PLAYER CHARACTERS start as Middle Class.

Dest.= Destitute   LWC= Lower Working Class  UWC= Upper Working Class  MCMiddle Class   UMC= Upper Middle Class   UC=  Upper Class

* Player Characters MAY NOT start as Upper Class characters.