Lower Working Class


Sometimes referred to as the “Dependent Poor.” The largest percentage of the poor population. They lack regular jobs, lining up at the ship yards and construction sites every morning in hopes of getting work for the day. Others get by with jobs like gardeners, street sweepers, lamp lighters, chimney sweeps, knife grinders…  Many ‘self employed’ include prostitutes, mud larks (scavenge the banks of the river for valuables washed down the sewers) rat catchers, rag pickers, etc. Generally have minimal education.

Usually two sets of clothes, work clothes and a (slightly) better set for Sundays and special events.  Minimal personal possessions, usually can fit in a single valise. Weapons, if any, are old, used and cheap. Lives in rented squalor. Usually in the worst areas of the city.

Lower Working Class CANNOT be Adepts, Sportsmen or Mystics.

Lower Working Class characters are semi illiterate, have only a vague knowledge of history and the greater world, have rudimentary language skills and possess the minimum of social graces. This allows the character an extra 4 points to spend on other skills.

Base Skills Relevant Ability Notes & Points spent
Speak Native Language Intelligence – 3 .5 point
Reading & Writing in Native Language, basic math Intelligence -5 Illiterate
Area Knowledge, local Intelligence -1 1pt Village, County, Part of the City
General History and Religion Intelligence -5 0pt National & some World, character’s religion
Manners & Social Graces Wisdom -5 0pt
Life Skills Intelligence -1 1pt Making change, lighting a fire…