Bonus Points

Bonus Character Points

Each character rolls 1d6 to determine how many Bonus Points the character receives. The Bonus Points may be Spent in any combination of the following ways.

1 They may be traded in on a 1 to 1 basis for extra Hit Points. These are permanent additions to your score and are considered part of your First Level Starting Hit Points. These are in addition to your hit dice roll and Constitution Bonus. If Constitution is later reduced, these Hit Points are unaffected.

2 Up to 2 Bonus Points may be added to attribute scores with the following limitations. No more then 1 point to any one attribute. No attribute may exceed 18. If a point is applied to a Strength score of 18 the character may roll percentile dice for exceptional Strength. If the character already has exceptional strength no further rolls are permitted.

3 One point may be spent to increase a characters Social Class from Middle Class to Upper Middle Class. No additional increases are permitted.

4 Bonus Points may be traded on a 1 to 1 basis for extra Starting Skill Points. These may be spent on existing skills, Common Skills or the character’s Class Skills. (NOT other character type Class Skills.)

5 One Bonus Point may be spent to Double the character’s starting funds. This represents a one time windfall for the character and does not impact earnings from jobs or profession. The windfall may have been the result of a lucky wager, finding a dropped purse, death of a distant relative, etc.

6 One Point (and ONLY one point) may be retained indefinitely and used to ‘cheat death’ in that the player may make a one time saving throw to escape otherwise certain death or re-roll a failed saving throw in a situation that would otherwise prove lethal. This usage consumes the Bonus Point.

Optional:  A player may elect to add 1 to his initial d6 roll (2-7) for Bonus Points by starting his or her character as a member of the Lower Working Class.  This choice will have an immediate impact on Starting Wealth, it will also reduce employment and professional opportunities and will affect future dealings with NPCs and PCs of higher Social Classes.    See the page on Social Classes  BEFORE choosing this option!  NOTE: The Player MAY NOT then spend a point to increase the character’s Social Level! (See 3 above.)

With the exception of the Retained ‘Cheat Death; point, ALL Bonus Points MUST be spent at the time of character creation, prior to the character starting play.