Rogue Skill List

Complete List of All Rogue Skills Relevant Ability Notes & Modifier Check
Appraising IQ
Back Stabbing DX
Begging CH
Cartography IQ
Climbing DX
Contacts/Gather Information CH
Cryptography IQ
Detect Traps IQ
Dirty Fighting DX
Disguise CH
Evasion DX
Fast Talk CH
Fence Goods IQ
Forgery IQ
Intimidation CH or ST
Juggling DX
Jumping DX or ST
Lip Reading IQ
Listen/Detect Sounds IQ
Looting WS A rapid, speedy pat down of a body or victim.  Or a quick pass through a room (not a detailed search) with an eye for the most valuable/portable items.
Move Silently DX
Hide in Shadows DX
Pick Locks/Open Locks DX
Pick Pockets DX (CH) Charisma/Comeliness reaction adjustment adds to attempt
Prestidigitation DX
Rope Use DX
Search IQ
Sense Motive WS
Underworld Slang ‘Thieves Cant’ IQ
Sleight of Hand DX
Throwing DX
Tightrope Walking DX
Trailing WS
Tumbling DX
Ventriloquism CH
Voice Mimicry CH