Disclaimers and Credits

Okay, first the disclaimer…

This is a fantasy game!


This is a fantasy game!

You would think I would not need to write that, or any of what follows. But my experience says otherwise. I have been challenged by players and non players over my interpretations of history, people and religions. I have been told that they are not accurate or realistic. That they are oversimplified, blasphemous, insulting and irreligious. On the flip side I have had my fictional, fantasy creations cited in serious academic research as though it was factual and accurate scientific information. So I have been on the receiving end of both extremes.  (To the person who cited my description of my home brewed, AD&D based version of Druidic faith, beliefs and rituals in their Ph.D Dissertation on Druids, all I can say is… uhmmm, Thanks.  Though I am curious as to how it went.  Did you get your Ph.D?)

So, I will say it one more time. This is a FANTASY GAME! Yes, I try to be historically accurate when it fits the overall plot, but I will rewrite history as needed. Yes, I will use terms and titles, names and institutions to lend realism to the story, but they are not intended to be true reflections or portrayals. If you cannot handle this. If you are offended by my using sacred names, texts, places and such in a fictional setting and in ‘unrealistic’ ways, I suggest you put down this book or click ‘Back,’ turn off the computer… take a deep breath, pour yourself a stiff drink of whatever your faith allows and GET THE FUCK OVER IT.

Now, Credits.

I truly believe in giving credit where credit is due.  That said, I cannot begin to credit everyone and every source of information, pictures or ideas I have used in my games (this one or any of the others.) I have been collecting, saving, copying (both on a computer and by hand) notes and ideas for years before I get round to gelling them into something more then a vague idea. (I began playing and DMing or GMing in 79)   The sources of my ideas can be as detailed as an entire novel or movie (and I will give credit to these) or as vague as a single line of dialogue or phrase uttered by a character in an otherwise forgotten source.  When I start seriously researching an idea or material I try and keep track of where things came from and in some cases you will find that I credit these sources on the page I use them, especially if I used them extensively or cut word for word.  Otherwise you will find a ‘Credit‘ page listing all the sources that I can remember or find again.  This can be especially true for pictures.  I am not an artist myself so I do rely on others for imagery.  When I copy from a web page, book or movie I will give credit, either with the actual picture, or if I am not a 100% certain of exact association, on the credit page.  Like written ideas, I have a vast collection of pictures, not just on my computer or in books, but from advertisements torn from magazines and catalogs (they are almost always uncredited) brochures, paper place mats even product packaging. (My wife despairs.)  Also, I have folders, real and virtual of ‘cool’ pictures and ‘stuff’ given me by friends and fellow players over the years.  Knowing my penchant for pictures and images of ruins, swords, armor, ships, castles, armor, old guns, cannons and ‘creepy things’ they frequently send them with and without origin information.

Anyway,  the long and short of this is; if you see something of yours, uncredited, on one of my sites, let me know and I will add the credit or delete it with apologies.  If you think you know a source of something that isn’t actually yours, let me know and I’ll see what I can find out.

Nothing on these pages are for my financial gain.   They exist as playing aids for those who participate in my games.  When my players were a handful of friends living in the same dorm at college the playing aids were simple.   Now that I have had players from (so far) 18 states, 11 countries and 3 continents, the playing aids and materials have gotten more complicated.