Experience Points and Rewards

Experience Points and Rewards

The DM will reward players for their successes in one of three ways.


Aside from the obvious cash and coin, treasure can come in many forms. Jewelry, artwork, rare books, clothing, furniture, livestock, land, titles and less tangible things like reputations and making friends and allies.

Experience Points

These are rewarded for over coming foes, solving riddles, avoiding traps, identifying the culprit,, rescuing the victim, protecting the innocent, finding the lost….

Unless a character completes some task or defeats some foe single handedly, you should expect experience point totals to be divided by the number of people involved in the success. PCs count at full value, as do important NPCs that are involved in the activity. Minor NPCs, grunts, guards etc, count as half a character.

Treasure IS NOT included in experience point totals.

Skill Points

The DM may award a half or whole skill point to a player that made a particularly creative or daring use of one of their character’s skills. If the player announces that his character will use Fast Talk to persuade the guard, then rolls the dice, the success is neither daring or creative. However, if the player announces Fast Talk, then actually spouts out an imaginative barrage of bull shit along with the roll, that would be creative. Such bonus points are to be used for the skill specified.