Middle Class

The Middle Class is made up of small to mid-sized businessmen, shop keepers, tailors, cobblers, highly skilled tradesmen (silversmith, watch maker, locksmith…) Some professions, Accountants, Teachers/Professors, Doctors (Surgeons) Solicitors (NOT Barristers.) Military Officers, Government employees, Ship Captains…    They often own family businesses with some employees or apprentices.  Also low to mid management level employees of larger companies and firms, banks, accountants, rail roads, shipping, manufacturers… Mostly University educated. Teachers/Tutors, Governess, Artist, Writers… are all acceptable jobs for women in the middle class.

This the Default Social Class for player characters.   All Player Classes are open to Middle Class characters.

Three or more outfits, assorted tools and belongings including furniture and some luxury items. Generally not common tradesmen or tool using careers. (Ex: Clerk.) Living conditions is usually a rented house or larger apartment for a family or furnished rooms for a single. Located in better, but not best, areas.  Weapons, if any, will be inexpensive but decent quality.

Middle Class characters are literate, generally well  educated and have a general knowledge of history and the greater world, have fluent language skills and possess the fundamentals of social graces.  Middle Class is the general ‘default’ social class and the starting character has 1 extra skill point to spend on other skills.

Skill Relevant Ability Notes & Modifier Check
Speak Native Language Intelligence-1 1 point
Reading & Writing in Native Language, basic math Intelligence-1 1 pt =basic skill & comprehension
Area Knowledge, local Intelligence-1 1pt Village, County, Part of the City
General History and Religion Intelligence-1 1pt National & some World, character’s religion
Manners & Social Graces Wisdom 2pt Per the character’s social class
Life Skills Intelligence -1 1pt Making change, lighting a fire…