The Armory

Here you will be able to access all the information you will need on weapons, armor, damage, combat techniques and weapon skills and proficiencies.
Pay particular attention to the information on firearms!

THIS is very important!!

Repeating Rifles

Single Shot Rifles



Melee Weapons
Swords, axes, knives and pointy things…

Weapon Accessories

General Combat
This pertains to melee combat. Blade to blade. It DOES NOT apply to gun fights or other missile exchanges. (See below.)

This Weapon Skill is an ‘add on’ to the Long Gun Weapon Proficiency and is ONLY available to Professional Fighter who wer, or are, members of the Infantry or Marines.

This Weapon Skill is an ‘add on’ to the Swordsmanship Weapon Proficiency.

A Weapon Skill that anyone can learn.

The signature attack of a Robber/Footpad/Mugger Rouge. It is not a skill that all Rogue’s posses.

The Whip


Firearms: In the 19th Century guns are ubiquitous.

Gun Fights!
Gun Fights ARE DEADLY! (Keep in mind the state of Medicine in the 19th Century and the fact that no one has been Resurrected or Raised from the Dead in about two thousand years!)

General Notes on Fire Arms
A few observations on 19th Century fire arms

Gun Terminology and general description
For those who are unfamiliar with some of the terminology used in describing guns.

Covers the damage done by gunshots! NOTE: Damage is related to Caliber/Gauge and the general TYPE of weapon firing the shot. (Pistol, Carbine, Rifle or Shotgun) It is NOT a reflection of the specific Model Revolver or Rifle.

Rolling a 1 with your gun
Rolling a 1 to Hit takes on new meaning when guns are involved!

Shot Guns
Shot guns warrant a page unto themselves! NOTE: This page deals with ranges, damage of the different gauges, chokes and other issues.



Cannon and Quick Firing Guns

“With Artillery, War is made.” Napoleon Bonaparte

Players are unlikely to gain ownership of these weapons, but opportunity to fire one might arise. More likely they will be looking down the wrong end of one…


Quick Firing Guns


Combat Techniques and Weapon Proficiencies and Skills

NOTE: Combat and Weapon Skills and Weapon Proficiencies ARE DIFFERENT! Do not purchase a Weapon Skill, like Fencing, if you do not have the Weapon Proficiency in Swordsmanship!
Skills ENHANCE your existing Proficiency. For example, you have a Proficiency in Hand Guns. The Combat Skill ‘Quick Draw’ will assist you in getting your pistol out and into action!

Weapon Proficiencies

Combat Skills

Unarmed Combat
There are times, whether by choice or circumstance, weapons are not employed.



Armor in the classic sense of Mail, Plate, Banded, Splinted, Shields and Helms are extinct in the 19th Century. Bullets, and most especially those fired by Revolvers and Repeaters, have made it obsolete. Consequently the player has other options to fortify themselves with. However, there are a few ‘armor’ options still available.

Unarmored Defense Bonus
A character’s class and level grant the character an innate bonus to AC. But there ARE limits.

Bear in mind that MOST of these options, especially is layered, will eliminate the Unarmored Bonus available to characters.