Upper Middle Class


The Upper Middle Class is made up of Professionals, Doctors (Physicians), Barristers, Solicitors, Accountants, Engineers.  They are always University educated. Some are Professors. Many hold high government positions in the various ministries.  Some few may even be elected to the House of Commons (rare!)  If there is a military background members were senior officers, Major or above.  Many are factory and mine owners or have other profitable investments.

All Character Classes are available.


Variety of clothing and possessions. Usually professionals with minimal tools. Solicitor, bank official, minor bureaucrat, etc. Often own house or rent in better area as close to fashionable area as they can afford.  They will employ at least one if not more, servants.
Multiple weapons are possible, example shotgun for sporting and pistol for defense. Quality will be good.


Upper Middle Class characters are very literate, have a solid education and general knowledge of history and the greater world, have fluent language skills and possess the fundamentals of social graces. Upper Middle Class is the highest social class available to a starting character and there are no extra points available.

Skill Relevant Ability Notes & Modifier Check
Speak Native Language Intelligence-1 1 point
Reading & Writing in Native Language, basic math Intelligence-1 2 pt
Area Knowledge, local Intelligence-1 1pt Village, County, Part of the City
General History and Religion Intelligence 2pt National & some World, character’s religion
Manners & Social Graces Wisdom 3pt Per the character’s social class
Life Skills Intelligence -1 1pt Making change, lighting a fire…