Upper Working Class

Most of these are manual tradesmen and servants. Carpenters, masons, plumbers, cab drivers, maids, grooms,  costermongers… Regular, though low paying, jobs. Stocking clerks, warehouse labor, railroad workers. Many more are employed in the vast factories and textile mills either operating or maintaining the machinery. Educated and literate, but no college or university background.

Upper Working Class characters CANNOT be Adepts or Sportsmen

Upper Working Class characters are literate, but have only a rough knowledge of history and the greater world, have coarse language skills and possess the minimum of social graces. This allows the character an extra 3 points to spend on other skills.

Skill Relevant Ability Notes & Modifier Check
Speak Native Language Intelligence 1 point
Reading & Writing in Native Language, basic math Intelligence .5 point = very basic skill & limited comprehension minimum education, 2+2…
Area Knowledge, local Intelligence 1pt Village, County, Part of the City
General History and Religion Intelligence .5pt National & some World, character’s religion
Manners & Social Graces Wisdom .5pt
Life Skills Intelligence 1pt Making change, lighting a fire…