Weapon Accessories

Here you will find holsters, cleaning kits, reloading supplies and most of what you will need to keep your armament functional.

Item and DescriptionWeightUS Price
UK Price
Arrows, target arrows, best quality, 1 dozen Plain target points, footed shafts.
Arrow case

Canvas covered wood. Holds 1 dozen arrows. Shafts are held apart so the fletchings are not damaged.

Arm guard, leather
Bow bag; chamois-lined canvas
Bow string, linen
Skeleton Glove, leather
Targets, canvas on straw, 48”
Target Stand, iron, 5’6”
Quiver with belt
Axe Handle, 36”1 lb.0.140/6
The handle to an axe can act as a strong, well-seasoned, 3-foot long club: fast and versatile.

Cartridge Belt, Web, Pistol



Made of sturdy cotton webbing. For pistol calibers: .32, .38, .44, and .45. The belts hold 36 rounds.

Cartridge Belt, Web, Shotgun



Anson Mills woven shell belt (not sewn); fits 10, 12, or 16 ga shells. Includes a shoulder strap for support, and a game hook. Incidentally, ‘Anson Mills’ was the designer: General Anson Mills.

Cleaner, Rifle (pull-through)



Government-Issue. Includes cord, weight, brass brush, and slotted wiper. Available for .22, .32, .38, and .45 calibers. With canvas carrying pouch.

Cleaning Brush, Rifle, Brass
Screws on to the end of a cleaning rod. Available for a wide variety of calibers.

Cleaning Rod and Brush, Pistol0.381/7
Available for a wide variety of calibers.

Cleaning Rod, Brass, 4-section rod with wooden handle – rod can rotate within the handle as the brush or patch follows the rifling.0.351/6
Cleaning Rod, Wood, 3-section, for Shotguns
Includes swab, scratch brush, and wiper.

Grass Suits — 1.75 7/3

Made of long, tough marsh grass, patterned like a caped coat with hood. Light, easily packable, and sheds rain well.

Item and Description
US Price
UK Price
Gun Case, canvas, for takedown weapons

Best brown canvas; leather bound, with leather lock, handle, and end caps. Barrel and stock are stored in separate compartments, minimizing the length. With accessory pouch.

Gun Case, Molded Leather, for takedown weapons6.0024/9

Heavy molded leather, finest quality. Barrel and stock are stored in separate compartments, minimizing the length. With tool pouch.

Gun Grease, Winchester, per tube0.100/5

Heavy grease for protecting metal surfaces from rust or for lubrication; manufactured by Winchester. Supplied in a metal foil tube.

Gun Oil, Sperm2 oz0.803/4

Spermaceti oil extracted from the head of sperm whales. An extremely high- quality light oil that does not gum up or go rancid. Commonly used for lubricating fine mechanisms like watches and scientific instruments, and for firearms.

Holster, Flap holster
Holster, Hip Pocket Holster0.261/0
Leather holster that fills the entire hip pocket to keep the gun firmly in place. Available for .32 and .38 caliber revolvers with barrels up to 3 ” in length.
Holster, Shoulder Holster0.753/1
Knife Sheath, leather, for blades 6-9” in length0.20 – 0.320/10 – 1/4
Lance Head, Regulation

Lance Head, for boar hunting
Lance Shaft, Bamboo
Lance Sheath, leather

All throughout this period, the lance was a common weapon for cavalry troops.

Oiler, Pocket sized0.100/5
A small, leak-proof dispenser bottle for applying drops of oil to a gun mechanism.

Recoil Pad, Leather0.441/10
Leather sleeve laces together around the butt to hold the pad in place.

Recoil Pad, Rubber0.281/2

The pad is attached to the butt with screws, and the excess is filed down to shape it to the gunstock.

Reloading Supplies:
25 lbs


Black Powder
1 pound = 256 drams = 7000 grains.
Smokeless Powder, Dupont1 lb0.753/1
Smokeless Powder, Walsrode Smokeless Shotgun Powder1 lb0.803/4
Reloading Tool Set, Winchester
1.68 – 2.406/11 – 9/11

Includes the reloading too, a bullet mold, and a charge measure. Each set is made for a specific caliber, ranging from .22 Winchester Center Fire up to .50-110.

Bullet Mold0.753/1
Any caliber and profile can be supplied.

Bullet Mold, “Perfect Grooved Mold”3.0012/5

This is a mold that has moveable punch with an annular groove that fits into rings in the mold – one mold can make bullets (of one caliber) of a variety of lengths and weights (and numbers of lubricating grooves.)

Melting Pot0.381/7
For melting lead for casting bullets.


Cast iron with wooden handle.

Shotshell Reloading Tool:
20-16 ga.
12-10 ga.
8 ga
A device for decapping/recapping the shells and loading the charge.
Shell Crimper (Roll Crimper):

20-16 ga.
12-10 ga.
8 ga

A screw clamp tool that produced a rounded crimp over the top wad. Star-crimp tools are available for extra cost. (The ‘star crimp’ is usually used over solid balls or bullets for the paradox or ‘jungle’ guns.)

Powder/Shot Measure0.090/5
Available in different loadings.

Primers, Shotgun, #2, box of 250
Primers, Pinfire, for shotgun shells, box of 250
Primers, Pinfire, for pistol calibers, box of 250
Shot, chilled, any size: #12 to 000 buck25 lbs.1.506/2
Shot, chilled, “dust” size5 lbs.0.502/1
Shell Shells, Paper, Empty, box of 100

20 ga.
16 ga
12 ga
10 ga
8 ga
Shell Shells, AllBrass, Empty, box of 25

20 ga.
16 ga
12 ga
10 ga
8 ga
Shell Shells, Pinfire, Paper hulls, empty and primed, box of 100

20, 14, and 16 ga.
12 ga
10 ga
Wads, Shotgun, Cardboard, all gauges, box of 250
Wads, Shotgun, Felt, all gauges, all thicknesses, box of 250
Wad Cutters:

11-20 ga.
9-10 ga.
6-8 ga

A cutting die allowing the user to make shotgun wads from any desired material.

Rifle Cover, Canvas
Waterproof canvas, leather binding, flannel lined.

Rifle/Carbine Sheath, Leather
Attaches to saddle – leaves the butt exposed so the weapon can be quickly drawn.
Saber bag, cloth, chamois lined
Saber Knot
Flat braid strap with tassel. Regimental colors available.
Shell Box, Leather, holds 200 shotgun shells2.9512/2
Heavy sole leather box, tin lined, nickel plated fittings, with shoulder strap. 12” x 6” x 7 “

Shell Extractor, Universal0.140/7
Fits the bases of shotgun shells from .22 to 8ga.

Shooting Glasses, steel-framed0.251/0

Eyeglasses with distinctive yellow lenses. The color is said to increase the contrast, making the target easier to see in bright or in dim conditions.

Shooting Glasses – “Improved Goggle Shooting Orthoptic”1.948/0

One lens is smoked, the second is black, with a small, adjustable aperture. Side -shields on the lenses cut out light from any direction other than the target; the small aperture significantly increases the depth-of-field, making it easier to sight the weapon accurately. Used by target shooters.

Sight Black, one tube.0.120/6

A flat black paint in a small, metallic tube used to darken the sights of a gun, preventing glare or reflections from visibly distorting the shape, permitting more accurate aiming (sunlight glinting off the top of a curved foresight makes it appear to be shorter that it actually is, leading the firer to aim too high.) Popular with target shooters.

Sight, Rifle, Micrometer, flip-up4.0016/6

This sight is the familiar ‘ladder’ sight; when folded down, an open notch ‘battle sight’ is visible, usually sighted to 250 yards. When raised, the sight has graduations in 100-yard increments to 1000 or 2000 yards, and is adjustable for both elevation and windage. The elevation screw has minute-of-angle clicks (1/4” at 100 yards, 1” at 400 yards, etc.), and also has a ‘quick thread’ movement option for rapid adjustment.

Sight, Rifle, Telescopic, 3X, by Voigtländer21.854/10/0
Sight, Rifle, Telescopic, 2X, by Zeiss30.306/5/0

This sight uses prisms and looks like a short periscope, allowing a long focal length in a short package. The sight has an extended eye relief, allowing it to set farther from the eye, useful on rifles with heavy recoil or for shooters who wear glasses.

Targets, Paper, 1 dozen
Trap, The Empire Expert Trap
Throws clay pigeons for Skeet and Trap shooting. This type was more common after 1880-1890.
Pigeons, Clay, barrel of 5002.9012/0

“The Cleveland Blue Rock Clay Pigeon,” used for Skeet, Trap, and shotgun practice.

Trap, Bogardus’s Patent Glass Ball Trap
Throws round glass globes into the air for shotgun practice. This type was more common before 1880.
Glass Globes, box of 1002.008/3

For “Bogardus’s Patent Glass Ball Trap,” used for Trap and shotgun practice.

Water Funnel, Rifle Cleaning0.612/6

Designed to fit the chamber of the .303 Enfield rifle, this funnel allows hot water to be poured from breech to muzzle, quickly dissolving and washing away the corrosive fouling that can damage the bore.