Called Shots

The Sharp Shooter

Sharp Shooting is a Combat Skill that is ONLY available to Fighters. 

Law enforcement, Marshals, deputies and such may choose to take this skill in Handguns or Long Guns.

Ex Military, Big Game hunters and such may take this skill ONLY in Long Guns

Sportsmen, Target Shooters, may choose to take this skill in Handguns or Long Guns.

Note: Shotguns and similar DO NOT qualify for Called Shots.

It is possible to take this skill twice, once for hand guns and once for long guns IF your class allows.

The Sharp Shooter using Called Shot MUST be using an Aimed Shot.

This involves taking ones time to wait and aim and attempt the perfect shot. The shooter, regardless of weapon type, only shoots ONCE per Combat round. But the shot is at +4 to hit.  Aimed Shots are the ONLY kind of shot that allows a Called Shot.  For example, stating that you are ‘Aiming for his head…’

Aiming like this precludes moving. The shooter cannot walk, move, ride, etc to achieve the +4 bonus. This includes being in a carriage or on a moving train. The only exception is if the conveyance is very large and relatively stable, like the deck of a ship (NOT a boat.) Moving, or being moved, still allows the shot but the +4 is lost.

The Sharp Shooter should consider his/her weapon’s Accuracy bonus (if any) and the weapon’s Range Increment Penalty (if any.)

The Sharp Shooter MAY ALSO have the Steady Hand Skill

A shooter who DOES NOT have the Called Shot Skill may attempt a Called Shot, however they double ALL minuses on the Modifier Tables below!  The best that a Non Sharp Shooter can do is the Steady Hand Skill combined with an Aimed Shot.

Using Called Shot
First, the Sharp Shooter must roll his or her skill or less to determine if a Called Shot is possible. A failure does NOT prevent the shot being made, but the shot is taken as a normal Aimed Shot at normal Called Shot target penalties. A success means that the shot is made with the Sharp Shooter (reduced) penalties.

NOTE: The weapon being used is important!

The Pistol Accuracy Table shows the caliber and barrel length impacts on accuracy for handguns.

The Carbine Accuracy Table shows the caliber and barrel length impacts on accuracy for carbines.
The Rifle Accuracy Table shows the caliber and barrel length impacts on accuracy for rifles.

The range from shooter to target, divided by the weapon’s Range Increment is calculated.

Circumstantial Modifiers are determined and added or subtracted as appropriate.

Aimed Shot Bonus (+4) is added

Steady Hand Bonus (+2) is added if appropriate,

The penalties (if any) inherent in the particular target of the Called Shot are determined.

All penalties and pluses are summed and the resulting number is applied to the Sharp Shooter’s Roll to Hit.

Called Shot is a Dexterity Based Combat Skill.

Applied Skill Points
0 Skill Points DX-5
.5 Skill Points DX-3
1 Skill Point DX-1
2 Skill Points DX
3 Skill Points DX+1
4 Skill Points DX+2
5 Skill Points DX+3


Called Shot Tables

Body Part Normal To Hit Modifier Sharp Shooter To Hit Modifier
Groin -2 -1
Abdomen 0 0
Chest 0 0
Upper Left Arm -2 -1
Lower Left Arm -4 -2
Left Hand -6 -3
Upper Right Arm -2 -1
Lower Right Arm -4 -2
Right Hand -6 -3
Upper Left Leg -1 0
Lower Left Leg -2 -1
Upper Right Leg -1 0
Lower Right Leg -2 -1
Left Foot -6 -3
Right Foot -6 -3
Face -4 -2
Head (Brain) -6 -3
Object in hand, large -8 Ex: Rifle, sword… -4 Ex: Rifle, sword…
Object in hand, medium -10 Ex: Revolver, large knife -5 Ex: Revolver, large knife
Object in hand, small -12 Ex: Derringer, knife -6 Ex: Derringer, knife

Circumstantial Modifiers

Target’s Status Normal To Hit Modifier Sharp Shooter To Hit Modifier
Stationary, immobile Ex: Target at shooting range +2 +4
Stationary but mobile Ex: Seated target +1 +2
Walking slowly 0 +1
Walking briskly -1 0
Running -4 -2
Sprinting -6 -4
Evading/Unpredictable Ex: Pitching deck -8 -6
Good Light (Sunny day, Full Moon) 0 0
Blinding Light (sun in eyes) -4 to -8 -4 to -8
Poor Light (three quarter to half moon, twilight, fire light, street lights) -1 to -4 -1 to -4
Bad Light (star light, quarter moon or less) -3 to -6 -3 to -6
Light Fog/Mist, light rain or snow -1 to -3 -1 to -3
Fog, rain, snow -4 to -6 -4 to -6
Torrential rain, blizzard, dust/sand storm, ‘Pea Soup’ -10 to impossible! -10 to impossible!
25% hidden by Cover -2 -1
50% hidden by Cover -4 -2
75% hidden by Cover -7 -4
90% hidden by Cover -10 -7
25% hidden by Concealment -1 0
50% hidden by Concealment -2 -1
75% hidden by Concealment -3 -2
90% hidden by Concealment -4 -3
In Crowd -2 to -8 -1 to -5

Cover means hiding behind a solid, protective, object.  For example a brick wall.  Concealment means hiding, but not protected. For example, a shrubbery!