Calling Card, Letter Head, Invitations

Calling Cards are a necessity for members of the Middle Class or higher. (Men and women.)  Upper Working Class business people will have them as well.  The cost is BOTH the engraving and the cards!  Once the Engraving work is done it does not need to be redone for future cards. (If you use the same printer or obtain the plate from the original printer.  Of course, if the information on the engraved plate changes, a new one will be needed.

Item and Description Weight US Price UK Price
Engraving, Copperplate, for letterhead, 2 lines Higher charges for elaborate/Old English script, logos, etc. 4/0+
Engraving, Copperplate, for Gentleman’s calling card, name only 1/0+
Engraving, Copperplate, for small business card, 3 lines 4/6
Printing of cards, ordinary size, thin paper, 100 1/3
Printing of cards, ordinary size, thick paper, 100 1/4
Lever Embossing Press Uses monogram/heraldic dies (see below) for making raised designs on paper. 6/0
Die Sinking (for embossing dies) – Heraldic Crest, w/ motto and ribbon 10/6
Die Sinking, Monogram, 3 initials 4/9