Camera Equipment

Photography is still  a somewhat new field and the technology is ‘developing’ rapidly.

Cameras and Equipment

Item and Description Weight US Price UK Price
Miniature Cameras:
The Kombi An all-metal pocket camera, only 2” x 1 ” x 1 ”. The case is of bronze-finished metal, and it uses a special roll of 25 exposures. Price includes a cloth-covered case. 4 oz. 3.50 14/5
Kombi Roll Film, 5 rolls 1.00 4/2
Developing and Printing Outfit Includes a developing tank, all necessary chemicals, and a printing frame. The Kombi film is a “positive” film, meaning that the images can viewed directly like slide film, perhaps using a magnifying glass. The developed film can be placed in a printing frame and attached to a larger camera so that prints can be made. 3.00 12/5
Rubber Loading Sleeve Allows the film to be loaded into the developing tank without a darkroom, and makes loading the camera more secure. 0.60 2/6
Hand Cameras:
The Nighthawk Uses 4×5 glass plates. A dial on the side indicates the current focus setting. The shutter can be set for instantaneous or timed release. Includes one plate holder. 4.80 19/10
Plate Holder 0.90 3/9
Folding Hand Cameras:
Folding Premo Style “D Uses 4×5 glass plates or cut film. Includes three plate holders. 2 lbs 10.75 44/4
Plate Holder 0.90 3/9
The Folding Premo Camera Uses 5×7 glass plates, cut films, or roll film. It has a rising and falling front, swing back, and a reversible view finder. The body has two tripod plates, so it may be used either vertically or horizontally. Includes one plate holder. 34.00 £ 7/0s
Plate Holder 1.35 5/7
Cut Film Holder 1.40 5/10
Roll Film Holder 9.00 37/2
Magazine Hand Cameras:
The Heatherington Magazine Camera #1 Takes 6, 4×5 dry plates or 6 cut films. Camera body is covered in fine Morocco leather and measures 6” x 6 “x 4”. The shutter can be set to instantaneous or time exposure. 20.00 82/6
The Trokonet Camera, Style C Takes 5×8 film – 12 plates or 30 cut sheets, held in a special magazine with dividers. Rack-and-pinion focusing with an indicator scale, and has a counter that displays the number of exposures taken.. 31.50 £ 6/9/11
Film Packs, 30 sheets 2.25 9/4
Septums for dry plates, 12 each 0.60 2/6
Roll Film Box Cameras:
The Kodax Box Camera A simple fixed- focus camera using preloaded roll film that opened photography to many amateurs. The camera held a 20-foot roll of paper-backed film, enough for 100 exposures. The box was 3 25” x 3.75” x 6.5”, and was of wood covered with leatherette. Exposure time was 1/20 second, but there was a small felt plug that could hold the shutter open for time exposures. There was no film counter; a little record book was supplied to keep track of the pictures. When all the exposures were taken, the camera was shipped back to the factory, where the film was developed, the camera reloaded and returned to the owner. The Kodak slogan was “You push the button, we do the rest.” 26 oz. 25.00 £5/3s
Developing and Reloading

This fee covered shipping, developing, and reloading the camera with film. The images were

circular, 2.5” in diameter.

10.00 £2/1s
Stereoscopic Camera:
The New Model Stereoscopic Camera Takes 5×8 dry plates, folding bellows, rack-and-pinion focus. Price includes the camera body, twin lenses, one plate holder, and a tripod. 19.25 £ 3/19/5
Plate Holder 1.25 5/2

View Cameras:
The Carlton Camera Takes 8×10 dry plates. Reversible double -swing back, ground-glass focusing plane. The view camera is a large-format camera that must be mounted on a tripod. 43.75 £ 9/0s
Plate Holder, 8×10 1.70 7/0
Carlton’s Sliding Tripod 3.15 13/0
Developing Trays, japanned tin, 8×10 0.40 1/8
Dry Plates, Standard, per dozen:
4 x 5 0.49 2/0
5 x 7 0.82 3/5
8 x 10 1.80 7/5
Dry Plates, Isochromatic, per dozen:
4 x 5 0.60 2/6
5 x 7 1.00 4/2
8 x 10 2.15 8/11
Film, Cut, per dozen:
4 x 5 0.78 3/3
5 x 7 1.65 6/10
Film, Roll, per 12 exposures:
4 x 5 0.70 2/11
5 x 7 1.50 6/2
Flash Lamp, “The Perfection Magazine Flash Lamp” The receptacle (“magazine”) holds enough powdered magnesium for 20 flashes. 1.80 7/5
Magnesium Powder, per ounce 1.00 4/2
Magnesium Ribbon, per foot The ribbon burns at about 15 seconds per foot. 0.25 1/0
Photo Print Paper, 8×10, 1 dozen sheets 0.75 3/1
Retouching Pencils, each 0.23 0/11
Ruby Lantern, Pocket-sized A small, collapsible oil lamp with ruby glass lenses. Used for darkroom work 0.50 2/1
Ruby Lantern, “Carlton’s Dark Room Lantern” A larger oil lamp with 3 illuminating surfaces with ruby glass lenses and a reflector. Used for darkroom work. 1.80 7/5
Tripod, Folding 1.00 4/2
Hand Tint Kit For hand-coloring photographs. Comes with 18 colors, mixing palette, japanned tin box and complete instructions. 2.25 9/4