Camping Gear

Camping Gear and Outdoor Equipment

Item and Description Weight US Price UK Price
Alpenstock Ash walking stick, 5-6’ long, with an iron spike and ferrule at the bottom. 1lb 0.48 2/0
Alpine Axes (Ice Axes) Lengths range between 28” and 36”, depending on the height of the user. The shaft is made of seasoned ash, with an iron spoke and ferrule at the bottom. The head is of iron, with a pick on one side for ‘self arrest’ (stopping a slide), and an adze used to cut steps or handholds in ice. 1lb 6.65 27/6

Leather Sheath for Alpine Axes –                                                        1.21                           5/0 Includes both a leather cover for the head, and a cover for the spike at bottom.

Wrist Slings for Alpine Axes –                                                                 0.60                           2/6 An adjustable wrist strap attached to a metal ring that slides freely along the shaft of the axe, permitting the climber to grip the axe anywhere along the length. A metal pin near the ferrule keeps the ring from sliding completely off the axe.

Alpine Rope, hemp, 80’ 1 lb 2.90 12/0
Alpine Rope, Silk, per yard 1.45 6/0

Silk ropes were sometimes used by wealthy explorers. It was both stronger for its weight, and had greater elongation, meaning less shock in a fall. It was, however, prohibitively expensive.

Axe, hunter’s With leather sheath and shoulder strap. 1 lbs 1.40 5/9
Bathtub, Folding Rubber-lined canvas tub with folding framework; green canvas carrying bag. 4.15 17/3
Binoculars and Field Glasses – see chapter 15: Optics.
Boat, folding, Eureka Folding metal frame with waterproofed canvas cover. 10’ x 36”; holds 2-3 people. Comes with 2 oars and adjustable oarlocks 35 lbs 24.00 £ 4/18/0


Blanket, cotton 2 lbs 0.60 2/6
Blanket, wool, heavy 6 lbs 4.00 16/6
Blanket, wool, light 4 lbs 3.00 12/4
Buffalo Robe

Heavy buffalo hide, lined with lambskin, with an inner rubber lining. Popular as a blanket or lap throw when riding in carriages. The extravagant camper might find this a very comfortable ground sheet for their bedroll.
11.25 46/5
Camp bed, folding 20 lbs 1.95 8/0
Camp stool, folding 2 lbs 0.25 1/0
Canteens – For the American ‘canteens’, see “Water Bottle” later in this section

Canteens –For the British ‘canteens’, see “Cook Set” later in this section.

Carry Bag, Comstock’s

A canvas duffel with shoulder straps – used to pack tents. Many sizes available to fit standard tents.
1.20 5/0
Chair, Folding (‘Hammock Chair’) Similar to the notorious ‘folding deck chairs.’ 5 lbs 0.60 2/6
Chair, Wooden, Folding             Sturdier than the wooden/canvas ‘hammock’ chair, but heavier. 10 lbs 0.75 3/1
Coffee Boiler, 6qt. 14 lbs full 1.00 4/1

“Agate Iron” (enameled iron), with bail and lid. Can be suspended over a fire for quick boiling, or can be set next to the coals to keep the contents warm.

Coffee flask/Water bottle, tin 0.07 0/4
Compass, Pocket Compass, 2” In a pocket watch-type case. 3.50 14/5
Compass, Sundial Pocket Compass, 2” 4.00 16/6

In a pocket watch-type case; gnomon of the sundial folds up (but in not adjustable for latitude). Compass needle has a jeweled bearing.

Compass, Dip-Needle Prospector’s Compass  Morocco-leather case. 9.75 40/2
Compass, Folding Sight Compass, 2”  Bar needle, folding sight, hinged cover. Compass is nickel-plated. 6.20 25/7
Cook Set, Aluminum, for 6 persons 13 lbs 26.56 £ 5/9/6

Each piece of cookware is seamless spun aluminum; light and rust-proof. Includes 4 covered stew pots, 2 frying pans, and a coffee pot, 6 cups, and 6 plates. Also included are 6 knives, 6 forks, 1 salt and pepper shaker set.

Cook Set, “Buzzacott’s Patent Cooking Outfit”         20 lbs          5.50                       22/8  As adopted by the US Army. Includes iron fire grate/grill, 2 square aluminum pans (8 qt and 5 qt in size – they may be combined to make a large roaster) that nest inside the grate and contain the remaining pieces: coffee pot (3 qt), frying pan, 12×8 broiler, ladle, strainer, spoon, pancake turner, fork, adjustable handle for the utensils, 2 pan covers, salt/pepper shakers.

Cot, Folding, Army surplus Wood frame, metal hinges. Includes frame for mosquito netting. 15 lbs 1.75 7/3
Cup, collapsing, pewter, with japanned iron box 0.20 0/10
Cup, tin, 1 pint 0.02 0/1
Cup, Miner’s drinking, 4 ” diameter 0.05 0/2
Dinner pail, Miner’s, tin, 3 quart 0.17 0/9

Sometime called a “Growler,” a smaller bucket nests inside the larger one. Food is kept warm in the inner bucket, and tea or coffee is poured into the outer bucket. Make certain it is not tipped over.

Item and Description Weight US Price UK Price
Duffle Bag, white cotton canvas 0.50 2/0
Duluth Pack Bag
Size #1: 18” x 20” 1.25 5/2
Size #3: 28” x 29” 2.00 8/3

Square, flat canvas pack used in Minnesota and Canada. Has shoulder straps and a ‘tumpline’ over the forehead.

Dutch Oven, #1, cast iron, 12” diameter 14 lbs. 0.95 3/11

The Dutch Oven is a versatile cooking/baking pot, coming with a heavy bail for hanging, three legs to raise the pot over the coals, and a cover with a thick rim so coals can be rested on the top for baking.

Frying pan, pressed iron, 10” These are thinner and lighter than the more well-known cast iron frying pan. 0.14 0/7
Gold Pan, Miner’s, aluminum, 12” 1 lb. 1.32 5/6
Gold Pan, Miner’s, polished iron, 15” 2 lbs. 0.30 1/3
Ground Sheet, Waterproof, 6 ‘ x 3’ Made of rubberized fabric and completely waterproof. Larger sizes are also available. 1.95 8/0
Hammock Full-sized, heavy-duty double-seine twine, in fancy, bright colors. 2 lbs. 0.90 3/9
Hammock, Mexican Made of woven sisal. Fancy colored valances on each side, brightly-colored end strings, and wooden spreader bars. 4 lbs. 1.45 6/0
Hammock hooks, screw, per dozen 1/2lb. 0.65 2/8
Hot Dinner” Basket, 2 Tray Suitable for shooting parties, etc. Round lidded basket of best English wicker, lined with felt and tin, with 2 lidded tin trays, fitted with hasp, staple, and lock. Will keep food warm for several hours. 11” in diameter by 8” high. 7.00 29/0
Hot Dinner” Basket, 4 Tray As above, but 11” in diameter by 13 ” high. 9.00 37/6
Insect Repellent – “Dr. Cooks Black Fly and Mosquito Paste,” 1 bottle Whatever it is, it probably smells better than bear grease, a popular frontier solution to the problem. 0.20 0/10
Kit Bag, canvas 10 oz brown canvas, closes with straps and buckles, has handles for carrying. 27” x 20”. 0.75 3/1
Knife, skinning 1.95 8/0
Knife, hunting 6” blade, buckhorn handle, with leather sheath. 0.90 3/8
Knife, pocketknife 3-blade, buckhorn scales (handle).   3 ” blade. 0.54 2/3
Knife, pocketknife, 3-blade, German silver bolsters and pearl scales. 3” blade 0.98 4/0
Knife, Combination Pocketknife                                       2.00

3 ” blade, plus 9 other blades/tools – hook, screwdriver, file, punch, scissors, corkscrew, etc.

Knife, Horseman’s Pocketknife 3 ” blade, hoof knife, hoof pick, fleam, leather punch, and corkscrew. Buckhorn scales. 2.00 8/3
Life Preserver, “Neversink” Cork floats, canvas vest. 9 lbs 1.25 5/2
Luncheon Basket for Four Persons 21.35 4/8/0

22” x 9” x 12” wicker basket with lid and folding front, fitted with the following requisites: 2 China provision boxes, 1 metal sandwich case, 2 1 pint wicker-covered bottles, 4 glasses in wicker cases, 4 square enamel plates, 1 butter pot (screw lid), 1 preserve or cheese pot, salt, mustard, and pepper pots, 4 knives, 4 forks, 4 spoons, 1 large knife and fork, salt and mustard spoons, barrel corkscrew. Front of basket folds down and is covered with a metal tray. Metal hinges, lock, and bar fastener.

Match Safe, pocket                                Heavy nickel-plated brass, spring snap cover. Not waterproof. 0.20 0/10
Mirror, folding camp mirror 5” square mirror in folding oak case. Mirror may be hung, or the case can fold open to stand the mirror upright. 0.35 1/6
Pack Basket Woven ash splits, leather shoulder straps. Holds between 1 and 2 bushels. 0.65 2/8
Pocket Warmer “The Remedial Heater or Pocket Stove” Small, round, nickel-plated heater, 3” diameter. Burns small charcoal tablets – each tablet lasts approximately 2 hours. Burning ember is safely contained and cannot cause a fire [but might ignite flammable gas]. Comes in a wooden box with one dozen charcoal tablets. 0.85 3/6
Extra Charcoal Tablets, 1 dozen 0.10 0/5
Coffee, dried and compressed, package of 16 1 oz tablets         1 lb   0.45   1/11
Coffee, Whole Roasted Jamaican, in 1 lb tins 1 lb 4.85 20/0
Cornmeal, 1 lb tins, 1 dozen 12 lbs 1.70 7/0
Eggs, Powdered, 3 oz canister 0.21 0/10
 Emergency Rations, canned, 1 day each, 1 dozen tins 20 lbs 2.40 14/0
Hard Tack (“Ships Biscuits”), 1 tin 7 lbs 0.55 2/3
Marmite, 1 bottle 2 oz. 0.15 0/7
Meat Rations, canned, 1 lb 0.18 0/9
Milk, Condensed, Unsweetened, canned 8 oz 0.09 0/4
Milk, Dried and Compressed in 1 oz. tablets 1 lb 0.14 0/7
Soups, various flavors, canned, 1 lb 0.35 1/5
Tomatoes, Peeled, 1 lb tins, 1 dozen Many cowboys on the trail would carry a can of tomatoes or fruit in their saddlebags in lieu of a canteen. Water was available from a barrel on the chuck wagon. 12 lbs 1.33 5/6
Mixed Vegetables, Dried and Compressed, 1/2lb tin

First produced during the American Civil War, these hard blocks could be broken up and boiled into a stew or soup. The first attempts were notoriously unappetizing, and were promptly dubbed “Desecrated Vegetables” by the troops.

8 oz 0.15 0/7
Sleeping Bag, arctic

Heavy waterproof duck cover (tan), sheepskin insulation (wool on), and heavy drill lining, which can be removed for cleaning. Large enough to pull up over the head and ears for extra warmth. Includes loops and ties for rolling the bag into a small package.

20 lbs 15.50 £ 3/3/11
Snowshoes Handmade from straight-grain ash, with specially-tanned cowhide lacing. 42” x 14”. 3.00 12/6
Snowshoe Bindings, leather, 1 pair 1.00 4/2
Ski Poles, 1 pair 0.69 2/10
Stove, folding, gasoline The “Mighty Mite”; burns 9 hours on one filling. 7” x 7” x 4” folded. 4 lbs 3.50 14/5
Stove, pocket Burns 1 hour using alcohol. 1/2lb 0.50 2/1
10’ x 16’, 8 oz. duck 15 lbs 1.95 8/0
16’ x 20’, 10 oz. duck 40 lbs 5.65 23/4
24’ x 30’, 12 oz. double-filled duck 65 lbs 17.95 £ 3/13/0
Tent Heater, “Kamp Komfort Will burn any liquid fuel. 4.30 17/9
The “A” or Wedge Tent Tall and narrow to shed rain or snow, this very basic tent has been used since Revolutionary times. Requires three poles, usually cut on site, but can sometimes be ‘hung’ from an overhanging tree
7’ x 7’ x 7’ high, 8 oz. duck 25 lbs 2.90 11/0
9’ x 9’ x 7’ high. 10 oz. duck 35 lbs 4.55 18/9
Miner’s Tent A very simple tent, a square-based pyramid, and one of the easiest to pitch. Four tent stakes and a central pole, though that can even be discarded if the peak can be tied to an overhanging branch.
7’ x 7’ x 7’ high, 8 oz. duck 15 lbs 2.00 8/3
12’ x 12’ x 9’ high. 10 oz. duck 37 lbs 5.30 21/11
Mountain Tent The “Whymper” (named after the first climber to reach the top of the Matterhorn). Made of strong, light green rot-proof canvas, with a waterproof groundsheet sewn in. Complete with poles, ropes, lightweight pegs, and carrying bag. Very sturdy and will withstand high winds.
7’ x 5’ x 5’ high, 21 lbs 17.95 74/0
Wall Tent A very roomy and comfortable tent, usually used for extended or semi-permanent camps. In hot climates, a ‘fly’ is pitched over the roof, reflecting some of the sun’s heat and allowing air to circulate. In winter, the tent can run a stovepipe through an asbestos ring in one wall, so a stove can heat the tent. Extremely heavy, but is usually packed in by horse or canoe. The weight can be reduced somewhat by cutting trees on site to make the tent poles.
9 ’ x 14’ x 8’ high, 3’ wall. 8 oz. duck 50 lbs 6.75 27/10
14’ x 20’ x 9’ high. 4’ wall. 12 oz. duck 125 lbs 19.70 £ 4/1/3
Photographer’s Tent Designed like a very high ‘wall tent’. Includes a separate 6’ x 6’ darkroom section (a sort of ‘tent within a tent’) that can be light-proofed with paint (color of choice).
12’ x 16’ x 11’ high, 6’ wall. 10 oz. double-filled duck 125 lbs 26.00 £ 5/7/3
Tent pegs, per dozen Comstock’s, malleable iron, 9” long. 3 lbs 0.75 3/1
Tinderbox “The Lovett.” A polished brass box containing 0.40

steel, the best English black flint, 12” of treated wicking, and a solar or burning glass. Leather case is included.

Extra wicking, per yard 0.04 0/2
Water Bag, Canvas, 4 pint The canvas body leaks slowly, but the evaporation cools the water inside. Popular in hot climates. 0.73 3/0
Water Bottle, Aluminum, 1 liter

Khaki felt cover, with shoulder strap.

1.82 7/6
Water Bottle, Vulcanite, 1 quart

Khaki cover, shoulder strap, and aluminum cup.

3.65 15/0
Water Carrier, 5 gallon Aluminum tank, wicker carrier; includes leather shoulder straps. 5 gallon capacity. 25 lbs full 11.25 46/6
W ater Filter “The Berkefeld Patent Traveller’s and Army Pump Filter.” A high-capacity water filter, approximately 2’ long, with a foot stirrup and handle. 9.95 41/0
Extra Filter Cylinders 1.17 4/10
Tin Case for pump and 2 spare cylinders 1.15 4/9
Whistle Nickel plate, quite loud. 0.12 0/5
Whistle, Metropolitan Police Whistle 0.30 1/3
Also used in the military. The next generation will come to know this sound as the signal to go “over the top.”
Chain for Police Whistle, Nickel plate 0.12 0/6