Life, health and property insurance are available to the average individual.

Life Insurance

The ‘Insurance and Benefit Club’ is a life insurance policy that can be purchased for any individual over the age of 25. The annual premium is 2l. 1s. 3d. for a 100l. policy. An additional premium of 4s. allows for an extra 100l. in the event of death by an accident.
There is no pay out for a suicide.

Health Insurance with a Death Policy

An annual premium of 2l. paid to a Hospital or Friendly Society, as provision against sickness and the inability to work. This entitles the member to 18s. a week for twenty-six weeks, and 9s. a week for a further twenty-six, in addition to 20l. payable at death to his widow,  or, in the event of the spouse predeceasing, 10l. to the member.

Personal Property Fire Insurance

An annual premium of 3s. per 10l. of value for insurance of furniture against fire. The policy will pay replacement cost at depreciated value. Note: This DOES NOT replace antiques or high value/unique items.