Medical Supplies

Item and Description Weight US Price UK Price
Accident and Emergency Case n a black japanned tin case, suitable for yachts, mines, factories, etc. 9.10 37/6
Ambulence Case Fitted leather case, 8” x 5 “ x 3”, containing: scissors, forceps, tourniquet, syringe, caustic, measuring glass, brushes, 2 ” elastic bandages, cotton bandages, finger bandages, court plaster, ” tape plaster, oiled silk, cotton lint, spirit of sal volatile. 6.00 25/0
Artificial Limbs: Price listed is for the “standard quality”; “superior quality” is available for 50% more. For additional cost, the hands can be fitted with any sort of tool desired. 58.25 £12/0/0
Prosthetic Arm, above elbow
Prosthetic Arm, below elbow 61.00 £12/12/0
Prosthetic Leg, above knee 61.00 £12/12/0
Prosthetic Leg, through knee 61.00 £12/12/0
Prosthetic Leg, below knee 49.50 £10/4/0
Prosthetic Leg, at ankle 35.15 £7/5/0
Bandage, covered elastic, 3” width, 9’ long (stretched). (Similar to a modern ACE™ bandage.) 0.75 3/1
Bedpan Enameled, slipper-shaped, with cover. 1.85 7/9
Bleeding Bowl Not Commonly Used After ca. 1860. Pewter bowl with handle used to catch the blood during bleeding. 0.20 0/10
Bottles, Flint Glass, per dozen:
1/2 oz. 0.15 0/7
4 oz. 0.30 1/3
16 oz. 0.42 1/9
32 oz. 0.80 3/4
Conversation Tube A 3’ length, rubber ends, braided mohair cover. One side ends in a small ‘horn’, the other in a ‘mouthpiece’-like nozzle. Used by the hard-of-hearing, they place the ‘nozzle’ end to their ear, while the other person speaks into the horn. It minimizes the amount of shouting required to make one’s self heard, and helps keep the conversation from disturbing others. 2.75 11/4
Corn Knife Best steel, with protective sheath. 0.25 1/0
Crutches, pair Wood (hickory), rubber pads and crutch tip; best quality. 3.85 16/0
Electrical Remedies and Devices 6 lbs 7.25 29/11
Magneto-Electric Battery Available By 1857, possibly earlier. Two conductors and handles. Polished wooden case containing a crank-operated flywheel and magneto generator. Current is instantly available and can be adjusted by the speed of cranking
Item and Description Weight US Price UK Price
Enema The Victoria Seamless Enema, suitable for all climates. Complete in box. 1.05 4/4
Eye Bath, glass Assorted colors available. 0.10 0/5
Field Dressing, aseptic Sterile cotton wool pad and gauze bandage in a waterproof, paper packet. 0.14 0/7
First Aid Kit, Small Bandages and instruments packed in a japanned tin case. 2.40 10/0
Flem, 2-bladed, folding Not Commonly Used After ca. 1860. 2-bladed folding, with brass case. 0.65 2/8
Forceps, Artery Like locking tweezers – pressing on the handles opens the forceps; releasing them causes the jaws to close under spring pressure. 0.18 0/9
Forceps, Haemostatic 8” length, locking. 0.42 1/9
Forceps, Splinter (tweezers) 0.12 0/6
Gelatin Capsules, empty, box of 100 Sizes available containing between grain and 8 grains of powdered quinine – all sizes the same price. 0.12 0/6
Gloves, Dissecting, per pair

Made of the finest Indiarubber.

0.60 2/6
Hearing Horn 2 “ x 4”, brass construction. A hearing horn was shaped like a bugle, and the user would hold the what would be the ‘mouthpiece’ (if it were a bugle) to their ear; the broad “mouth” of the horn would catch sounds and channel them to the user’s ear. It was used by those who were hard of hearing. 2.50 10/4
Hypodermic syringe Glass body, protected by metal barrel, open on both sides with visible graduations. Nickel case with spring cover. Comes with extra body and 2 needles. Needles screw into case. 1.10 4/6
Extra Needles for hypodermic syringe 0.25 1/0
Ice Bag, 9” x 3”, for spines Made of pure gum rubber. 0.20 0/10
Ice Bag, 9” x 6”, for heads Made of pure gum rubber. 0.26 1/1
Inhaler, Menthol A decorative glass flask with a nozzle in the stopper – the bottle contains menthol, and by inhaling with the nozzle in the nostrils, the fumes are directed into the sinuses. 0.28 1/2
Kidney Bowl, 10” Enameled iron. 0.26 1/1
Lancet, folding Abscess lancet; handle folds down to cover blade. 0.28 1/2
Mirror, Dental Metal handle; mirror has a ball-socket joint so angle can be adjusted. 0.32 1/4
Plaster, Court Plaster A type of adhesive plaster made by painting a mixture of glycerine and isinglass on a strip of silk cloth. Precut in a tin case. 0.05 0/2
Plasters, Belladonna and Capsicum Plaster, each 0.15 0/8
Plasters, London Medicated Corn Plasters, per box 0.17 0/9
Plasters, Mustard Plaster, 6 in a tin box 0.15 0/8
Powder Blower (Insufflator) In Britain, medicine were commonly administered by blowing it as a powder onto the back of the throat. 0.35 1/6
Probe, silver 0.18 0/9
Saddlebags, Physicians The bags contain compartments for 24 stoppered bottles for drugs, powders, and preparations, with a tray for instruments. 11.00 45/4
Scale, Druggist’s 1 lbs

Polished pillar and beam, polished rosewood or walnut base; with drawer to hold weights. Full set of weights provided.

3.50 14/5
Scissors, Surgical, straight blades, Best Sheffield make. 0.73 3/0
Scissors, Surgical, curved 1.05 4/5
Seton Needle, 6”

Not Commonly Used After ca. 1860.

0.50 2/0
Smelling Salts Vial Fancy, glass with silver-plated mountings. 1.55 6/6
Smelling Salts Vial Quite fancy, of cut crystal with pierced silver mountings and stopper. 14.00 58/0
Item and Description Weight US Price UK Price
Sprayer, Steam-powered Steam generated by a small alcohol burner – used for spraying disinfectant in operatory theatres, or for spraying perfumed water for face massages 2.20 9/0
Spring Lancet (Flem) Spring-loaded, automatic flem for lancing boils or bleeding. 2.25 9/4
Stethoscope, binaural Indiarubber tubes, nickeled metal fittings. 1.00 4/0
Stethoscope, binaural, higest quality Not Available Before 1856. Fittings are ivory, tubes are covered with silk braid. 2.45 10/0
Stethoscope, Monaural Turned maplewood, two sections (the larger ear-piece unscrews for storage.) 0.45 1/10
Stoppers, Rubber (“Rubber Corks”), per 100   Numerous sizes available, price dependent upon size. 0.50 – 2.95 2/1 – 12/2
Surgical Case, Pocket Aseptic     Pocket Army Regulation Case. Contains: Symes knife, single-edge scalpel w/ metal handle and detachable blades, straight scissors, silver director, plated spring dressing forceps, 2 pairs plated artery forceps, detachable blades, silver hypodermic syringe with spare needle, silver probe, clinical thermometer with magnifying index, 2 tubes of hypodermic tablets, plated needle case containing 6 half-curve needles, suture wire, and silk.. 14.85 £3/1/2
Suture Needles, half-curve, one dozen  Sizes available from 2 to 4 inches – straight and full-curve available at the same price. 1.00 4/0
Suture Silk, per tablet 4 sizes (thicknesses) on each tablet. 0.28 1/2
Thermometer, clinical Requires 60 seconds for reading. Magnifying body. 0.36 1/6
Throat Brush, camel hair Nickel shaft, cedarwood handle, available in either straight or crooked styles. 0.04 0/2
Throat Sprayer Finest quality. Beloved of singers and opera stars everywhere. 0.70 2/11
Urinal Bag, soft rubber Bag straps to leg. Male and female patterns available. 0.95 3/11
Vaccination Lancets, each, aseptic  Used for administering vaccinations. 0.65 2/9
Vaccination Serum, 1 tube 0.20 0/10
Vaporizer, nasal  For spraying fine mists into the nostrils. 0.60 2/6
Wheelchair, “The Morris”Solid wooden construction – high back, dark, polished walnut finish. Rubber tired bicycle-style wheels and a sliding, carpeted footboard. 20.60 85/0
Wheelchair, “The St. James” A luxurious leather easy chair, polished walnut or mahogany color. Spring-stuffed American leather cushions (either buttoned or plain). Rubber tired bicycle-style wheels and a sliding, carpeted footboard. 41.75 170/2
Item and Description Weight US Price UK Price
Medicines and Preparations:
Alum, powdered,  Used in numerous home remedies – as a styptic applied to wounds (or inhaled to stop bloody noses), in a poultice with Vaseline for poison ivy, as a treatment for cold sores, some tried dissolving it in water and using it to control malaria symptoms (for those who could not afford quinine). 1 lb 0.03 0/1
Ammonia, Aromatic Spirits (Spirits of Hartshorn) 4oz Used as a disinfectant and as an inhalant to revive unconscious patients (“smelling salts”.) 0.20 0/10
Amyl Nitrate, 4 minim ampoules, box of 8                      A mild stimulant, and an antidote for the toxic effects of Prussic Acid (cyanide). 29.50 £6/2s
Arsenic Complexion Wafers, 1 small box  Advertised as being safe if taken as directed. “…for rough or discolored skin, will tune up the whole system and when used for a length of time, will make thin persons plump…” 0.40 1/8
Blue Pills, 4 grain tablets,                                  1 oz bottle A popular medicine containing mercury. It was widely prescribed for ailments like apoplexy, worms, consumption, toothache, constipation, even “child-bearing.” 0.12 0/6
Borax, Powdered,                                                  1 lb “…used for washing, starching, killing cockroaches, dressing bruises, etc.” 0.10 0/5
Boric Acid,                                                     1 lb.A while crystalline powder. Was dissolved in water and used to bathe the eyes (that’s what ‘eye cups’ are for). It cleaned and protected the eyes from irritation and infection, and travel guides of the era recommended the practice for travelers to deserts and the tropics. 0.09 0/4
Calomel, 2 grain tablets,                               1 oz bottle Calomel was a tasteless gray powder, prepared from the mineral calomel – mercury(I) chloride. It acted as a purgative and cathartic, and was one of the most commonly prescribed medicines in the 19th century, despite being quite toxic. Concerns about its hazards began in 1863, but it was still available 75 years later. 0.20 0/10
Camphor,                                                     1 lb. The pungent-smelling resin distilled from the camphor tree. Used in numerous of remedies for colds, coughs, and sinus trouble, and compounded in just about everything else. If a physician were at a loss, they would often prescribe camphor in some form. Also used in incenses. 1.20 5/0
Carbolic Acid, medical grade, crystals,                  1lb     A powerful disinfectant, usually used by dissolving in water. 0.40 1/8
Castor Oil,                                           4 oz bottle   A mild laxative, usually forced on children once a week, need it or not. If it tastes this bad, it must be good for you. 0.20 0/10
Catarrh Snuff,                                     1 bottle “…guaranteed to provide immediate relief of nasal catarrh, hay fever, cold in the head.” The bottle is packaged with a “Perfect Powder Blower” and complete instructions. 0.20 0/10
Charcoal, prepared,                                 1 lb Treatment for poison – when fed to the victim, it absorbed the toxin while in the stomach before it has a chance to be absorbed by the system. 0.25 1/0
Chilblain Lotion, Eucalyptus                   Reduces redness and inflammation. 0.18 0/9
Collodion,                1 ounce stoppered bottle  Collodion was nitrocellulose dissolved in a mixture of ether and alcohol. It was used as we use band-aides today, to cover small cuts and scrapes. The thick liquid was brushed over the wound, and after the solvent evaporated, it left a strong, waterproof protective coating. It was also quite flammable. 0.12 0/6
Cod Liver Oil,                                         16 oz bottle Good for what ails you. Recommended for consumption, colds, throat and lung trouble. Commonly fed by the spoonful to protesting children. 0.50 2/1
Cure for the Opium and Morphia Habit, 1 bottle     “A dose can be taken whenever a craving for morphia, or opium, exists.” 0.75 3/1
Dover’s Powder, 5 grain tablets, 1 oz bottle                   A combination of ipecac and opium. Relieves pain and induces sweating. 0.14 0/7
Electric Ring for Rheumatism, each                        Gray metal ring with suspiciously vague claims of “curative powers.” Most likely similar to any number of rings still advertised to this day in the back of tabloid magazines. For the stylish (or very gullible), there was a gold-plated version of the ring available for $1.25. 0.85 3/6
Electricating Liniment,                       1 large bottle   “…valuable remedy for sprains, bruises stiff joints & swelling.” It had nothing to do with electricity – that was just the popular marketing ‘buzz word’ of the day. 0.29 1/3
Epsom Salts,                                               1 lb.  Generally used in a hot water bath for soaking or for compresses – it reduces swelling and inflammation for sprains, strains, and minor infections. It is also used orally to relieve constipation. 0.05 0/2
Ether, rectified,                                              1 oz bottle General anesthetic. Abuse by drinking/inhaling is common in certain places in the late 19th century. 0.12 0/6
Eucalyptus Oil,                                      6 oz. Bottle  Used in many ointments, lotions, inhalants, and remedies.


0.25 1/0


Item and Description Weight US Price UK Price
German Liquor Cure,        “Every man can be permanently cured of the habit or desire for intoxicating drink of any kind… after using a few doses you will feel the craving for liquor disappearing and a warm healthy spreading out from the stomach over the whole system.” Makes one wonder just what was in these things… 12 boxes was the recommended course of treatment for “almost any case”. box of 24 doses 0.50 2/1
Gregory’s Powder, 5 grain tablets, 4 oz. Bottle             A combination of rhubarb powder, bicarbonate of potassium, and peppermint leaves. Prescribed for diarrhea, cholera morbus, dysentery, acidity of the stomach, heartburn, and the “summer complaint of children.” 0.12 0/6
Glycerin,                                             8 oz bottle  Sweet, oily liquid used in lotions and creams. Applied to the skin it can help prevent windburn. 0.14 0/7
Headache Cure, 12 powders in a box                “…Certain headache and neuralgia cure.” 0.25 1/0
Homeopathic Preparations, per 1 oz vial   Homeopathic Medicine was one of the major alternatives to conventional medicine through most of the 19th century, and relies on very weak solutions of drugs that cause the condition or symptoms in a healthy person. There were specific preparations for nearly any complaint, and were available in household cases of 12 or 24 commonly-used remedies and an instruction booklet. These were extremely popular, particularly in remote areas away from conventional doctors. 0.25 1/0
Injection No. 7                                        1 bottle “…French specific for troubles of the urinary organs in either male or female. Will cure gonorrhea or gleet in from 1 to 5 days.” 0.79 3/3
Ipecauanha tablets,                           1 oz. bottle   Ipecac – used as a purgative to induce vomiting. Also used in cases of poisoning. 0.18 0/9
Jamaican Ginger Essence,                     4 oz. Bottle “…contains all the stimulating, warming, and healing properties of good ginger…for stomach and bowel trouble…” 0.25 1/0
Laudanum,                                               2 oz bottle Tincture of opium in alcohol. Used for pain relief and to promote relaxation. Widely abused. 0.18 0/9
Listerine,                                       24 oz bottleOriginally invented as a surgical disinfectant. Not widely used as a mouthwash until the 1920’s. 0.53 2/2
Little Liver Pills, Carter’s,              tube of 100 “They’ve got more xyz than Carter has Little Liver Pills” has for ages been a colloquialism for “a whole lot.” A popular and ubiquitous over-the-counter medicine that was supposed to increase the function of the liver and digestive system, and relieve constipation. 0.16 0/8
Microbe Killer,                                     gallon bottle “…This is Dr. Pasteur’s microbe killer, which, if taken once or twice a day, will prevent La Grippe, Catarrh, Consumption, Malaria, Blood Poison, Rheumatism, and all disorders of the blood…This preparation of Dr. Pasteur’s will eradicate any form of disease and purify the whole system.”. (Whiskey kills germs just as well, and would probably be less hazardous…tastes better, too.) 0.97 4/0
Myrrh Powder,                                      1 oz. Bitter resin used in some old-time remedies. More frequently used in incense. 0.04 0/2
Nerve and Brain Pills,                         6 boxes “…This will cure you if you feel generally miserable or suffer with a thousand and one indescribable bad feelings, both mental and physical, among them low spirits, nervousness, weariness, lifelessness, weakness, dizziness, feeling of fullness, like bloating after eating, or sense of goneness, like…” and so on for an entire paragraph. 3.00 12/5
Paregoric Elixir,                                   2 oz bottle Tincture of opium with camphor, anise, and benzoic acid. Widely used to cure diarrhea and coughs – also used to calm restless children (i.e. drug them into insensibility.) 1.20 0/5
Peppermint Oil,                                                1 oz. Used in stomach remedies. 0.60 2/6
Peruvian Wine of Coca,                              per bottle Wine with the leaves of the coca bush steeped in it; described as an “aid [to] digestion, removes fatigue and improves the appetite, never causing constipation.” As coca leaves are the source of cocaine, I’m sure that was not this wine’s only attraction. It was also sold by the case of 12 bottles for $10.00, and I’m sure many took advantage of the offer. 0.95 3/11
Pink Pills for Pale People,                               1 box “…a great blood builder, cures pale and sallow complexions, rheumatism, and all other diseases arising from mental worry, early decay, etc.” 0.25 1/0
Quinine Powder,                                   1/2 oz. Used as a specific against “miasmic fevers”. In the case of malaria, this was actually an effective treatment. 0.18 0/9
Quinine Tablets,                                    100, 1-5 grain. Gelatin coated tablets, price depends on dosage. 0.18 – 0.45 0/9 – 1/11
Seidlitz Powders,                                10 doses/box   An extremely popular medicine – each dose consisted of powder in two paper packets (one blue and one white): one contains a mixture of bicarbonate of soda and Rochelle salts, the other of tartaric acid. The two powders were poured into a glass of water, which would effervesce strongly – the liquid was drunk once the fizzing began to die down. It was a mild cathartic and laxative. (There were ‘urban legends’ during the period of a woman who drank the mix immediately and died as her stomach burst, not unlike the “Pop-Rocks and Coke” legends of today.) 0.20 0/10
Smelling Salts.                                       Aromatic carbolized eucalyptus smelling salts, used to revive unconscious victims. Due to the tight corsets that restricted their breathing, women in this century were quite prone to fainting. 0.20 0/10
Item and Description Weight US Price UK Price
Somone – Sweet Refreshing Sleep,” per bottle        “…We guarantee it to contain no opium, morphine or poisonous narcotics of any kind whatever. It is a vegetable preparation composed of herbs soothing and healing to the entire system.” This patent medicine might prove useful to those attempting to extend their Dreamland stays. 0.75 3/1
Sure Cure for the Tobacco Habit,      Small box “This is Nature’s own remedy, entirely harmless. It cures because it builds up and fortifies, rejuvenates the weak and unstrung nerves caused by overindulgence in this poisonous weed.” Makes one wonder just what was in these things… 12 boxes was the recommended treatment for “almost any case”. 0.50 2/1
Sweet Spirits of Nitre,                     4 oz bottle Used as a diuretic and to reduce fevers Whether it worked or not is open to debate. 0.25 1/0
Tincture of Arnica,                             4 oz.   Arnica extract in alcohol. Used as a liniment for strained and sore muscles – when rubbed into the skin, it increased blood flow and produced a powerful ‘heating’ sensation. 0.18 0/9
Tincture of Benzoin,                               2 oz. Gum Benzoin in alcohol. Brownish liquid familiar to anyone who has had a cast for a broken bone. Painted on the skin to reduce irritation, prevent infection, and increase the adhesion of bandages. 0.14 0/7
Tincture of Iodine,                            4 oz bottle Topical antiseptic. Stings like the dickens and stains clothes. Kids hate it. 0.30 1/3
Vaseline,                                               1 lb tin White petrolatum, used in ointments, and “…for bruises, cuts, chapped or rough skin…” 0.22 0/11
Witch Hazel Extract,                                         1 quart Astringent used for cleaning the skin; also “…sore throats, sore eyes, hemorrhage, sprains, bruises, in fact nearly every accident.” 2/6
Worm Cakes,                                              1 box        “…a very satisfactory remedy for destroying worms and removing them from the system.” 0.20 0/10