Item and Description Weight US Price UK Price
Binocular, Goerz Prism Binocular, 6x Single-wheel focusing, compact size. 31.50 6/10/0
Binocular, Goerz Prism Binocular, 12x 46.00 9/10/0
Binocular, Lumex Prism Binocular, 8x Single-wheel focusing, One eyepiece is adjustable to compensate for differences in vision between the user’s two eyes. 31.50 6/10/0
Binocular, Lumex Prism Binocular, 12x 55.75 11/10/0
Eyeglasses (pince-nez), Gold frames, 10 kt 3.50 14/5
Eyeglass Chain and Hooks, solid gold 1.42 5/11
Field Glasses, US Cavalry, 4x   2” objective lenses; 5” closed. With leather case and neck strap. 2 lbs 23.00 4/14/10
Field or Marine Glasses, 4 x Used by the US Signal Service2 ” objective lenses. With leather case and strap 2 lbs 24.00 4/18/11
Field Glasses, Tourist 1 ” Objective lenses; morocco leather covered. Short body, long draw makes them compact and easy to carry. With leather case. 1 lbs 8.75 1/16/1
Magnifier, Coddington Fold-out magnifier, nickel-plated case, highest quality 1 5/8” lenses. 10x. 1 oz 2.10 8/8
Magnifier, Double Lens Fold-out Pocket Magnifier -Rubber case, 1” lens. Approximately 2 or 5x (depending on whether one or two lenses are used). 1.25 5/2
Magnifier, Single Lens Fold-out Pocket Magnifier Rubber case, ” lens. Approximately 2 x 0.25 1/0
Magnifier, Watchmaker’s Loupe, 5x. 2” working distance. 0.30 1/3
Monocular, Zeiss, 8x One half of a binocular, or a spyglass shortened by folding the optical path with prisms. 14.50 3/0/0
Monocular, Zeiss, 12x 20.50 4/5/0
Opera Glasses, Genuine Colmont Smoked Pearl Glasses 1 ” Objective lenses. High pearl tops, polished aluminum bars and tubes, high-power lenses. Morocco case. 9 oz 20.00 4/2/6
Opera Glasses 1 ” Objective lenses, black enameled frame, covered with black leather. Morocco case 8 oz 2.75 11/4
Range Finder, Weldon 17.20 3/11/0
Range Finder, Waltkins Artillery Telemeter 78.80 16/5/0
Reading Glass (Magnifier), 2 ” Nickel frame, wooden handle. Approximately 2X. 6 oz 0.84 3/6
Reading Glass (Magnifier), 5” Nickel frame, wooden handle. Approximately 2X. 1 lb. 3.00 12/5
Spectacles, Steel frame, Straight temples 0.10 0/5
Spectacles, Gold frame, 10 kt, Straight temples. 4.00 16/6
Spectacles, Bifocals, Gold-filled Frame, Straight temples 1.95 8/1
Spectacles, Riding or Hook-bar Frame, Steel frames Temples have curved spring ends that hook around the ear, holding the spectacles securely to the face. 1.25 5/2
Spectacles, Colored lenses Corrective, colored lenses (smoke, blue, or amber), are available at the same price as corrective lenses. Flat lenses (no correction), in steel frames are available at the listed price. 0.25 1/0
Spectacle/Eyeglass Case, papier mache, mother-of-pearl inlay 0.29 1/3
Spyglass , 10x Polished brass body; 13” long extended, 4” long closed. 1” Objective lens. 1 lb. 1.85 7/8
Spyglass , 30x Polished brass tubes, morocco leather-covered body. 36“ long extended, 10 “ long closed. 2” Objective lens. 3 lbs. 9.50 39/2

Many 19th century styled eyeglasses had metal framing, but not all consisted of two lenses. Based on the shape, time frame and singular context, these artifacts may have also been examples of: round framed spectacles (traditional eyeglasses), reading glasses (one lense shaped like a magnifying glass), quizzing glasses (a handheld version of a monocle), monocles (single lense held around the eye) or a woman’s lorgnette (handheld spectacles).