Scientific Apparatus

Item and Description Weight US Price UK Price
Analytical Balance, with weighing cabinet and weights 100 gram capacity, resolution to 0.2 mg. The glass-sided cabinet stops air currents from disturbing the pans. 24.60 £ 5/1/6
Barograph, with drum chart recorder Recording barometer – chart drive is spring wound with an 8 -day movement. Charts cover 24 hours. Unit is housed in an attractive oak and glass case, with drawer for charts and pens. 24.25 £5/0/0
Barometer, standard 3/4” bore, high accuracy, with vernier scale. With kew (calibration) certificate. 86.55 £ 17/17/0
Butterfly Net, Folding 4/3
Cadaver, suitable for dissecting As purchased from the “resurrection men”. Demand for specimens always outstripped supply, and in many places it was illegal to perform dissections – Massachusetts did not legalize it until 1830, and Georgia until 1887. 10.20 2 gns
Calorimeter, Mahler-Coole Bomb Calorimeter Used to determine the specific heat content of a carbon compound of food. A precisely weighed sample is burned with compressed oxygen in a sealed “bomb,” and the resulting heat is measured. Requires an analytical balance. 169.75 £35/0/0
Chemical Apparatus (glassware), for students 6.90 – 24.25 28/6 – 100/0
Chemical Balance, for students, with weights 13.80 57/0
Compass, Dip Needle, w/ Morocco leather case Used for mineral prospecting, it detects the angle of the earth’s magnetic field to the ground. 9.75 £ 2/0/0
Compressor, High Pressure Gas Compressor

Requires 1 horsepower; can supply 20-50 cubic feet per minute at 200 atm (2940 psi).

412.25 £85/0/0
Crooke’s Tube, center cathode 2.18 9/0
Dip Needle, 6” Includes heavy iron tripod base, leveling screws and two spirit levels. Used to precisely determine the direction of magnetic fields. 24.25 £5/0/0
Dissecting Gloves, finest Indiarubber, 1 pair 0.60 2/6
Dissection Kit, w/ pocket case, top quality Contains 2 scalpels, 2 pair scissors, 1 pair forceps, egg blowpipe, file, combined skinning hook and brain scoop. 3.00 12/6
Drafting Tools, deluxe set 5.50 22/8
Electroscope, Gold Leaf 15.25 £3/3/0
Furnace, Electric Arc Furnace For producing extremely high temperatures, for example when vaporizing metals. This model has colored mica shutters for observing the reactions. Uses currents of up to 250 amps. 99.45 £20/10/0
Extra Carbon Electrodes, 800 x 40 mm, per pair 1.20 5/0
Geologist’s Set, with belt case Geologist’s hammer/pick and chisel in a leather belt case. 1.58 6/6
Goniometer, with microscope For determining the angles and structure of crystals. Vernier reads to 2 minutes of arc. 45.85 £9/9/0
Hydraulic Pump, High Pressure Can produce pressures up to 3000 atm (44,100 psi). 281.30 £58/0/0
Killing Jar, Glass For collecting insects – uses either chloroform or cyanide vapor. 1.65 6/9
Micromanometer Measures minute pressure changes. 6.00 £1/5/0
Microscope, 70x – 295x, with case 11 lbs 45.00 £9/6/0
Microscope, Universal, w/ Zeiss Lenses, w/ understage illuminator and case 39.30 £8/2/0
Oil Immersion Lens Allows greater resolution, clarity, and brightness at high magnifications. 24.25 £5/0/0
Polariscope attachment Permits samples to be viewed through polarized light, highlighting crystalline structure and stress patterns. 6.00 £1/5/0
Mounting Kit All necessary equipment (slices, covers, media, microtome, stains, etc.), stored in an attractive mahogany cabinet. 13.33 £2/15/0
Stains, 1 bottle Synthetic dyes used to highlight structures within a sample. 0.18 0/9
Triple revolving nosepiece 4.15 17/0
Mortar and Pestle, 6 “ 0.42 1/9
Planimeter A sophisticated tool that measures the area of a region traced out on a map with the attached pointer. 11.65 48/0
Pressure/Vacuum gage, 3” (numerous ranges available) 2.15 9/0
Refractometer, Abbe Used to determine the refractive index of a liquid 82.50 £17/10/0
Sample Case Japanned tin box fitted with 26 glass sample tubes. 0.97 4/0
Selenium Cell, mounted on stand Cell changes resistance in response to wavelength/intensity if light. Very sensitive; mounted in an ebonite frame on an iron tripod – height can be adjusted. 14.00 £2/18/0
Slide Rules and Calculating Instruments:
Boucher Calculator   2 ” circular slide rule in the form of a pocket watch. 8.50 35/1
Duplex Slide Rule, 10” A more versatile slide rule, capable of everything the Mannheim Rule, plus trigonometric functions. The rule has scales on both sides, and when performing calculations, the operator will frequently move from one side to the other. 8.00 33/0
Mannheim Slide Rule, 10”  The basic slide rule – capable of multiplying, dividing, ratios, squares, cubes, and roots. 4.50 18/6
Thacher’s Calculating instrument, w/ 3” magnifier In effect a 30 foot long slide rule divided into 20 segments and arranged as a cylinder. Capable of extremely accurate calculations out to four significant digits. 45.00 £9/6s
Specific Gravity Bottle, 100ml A bottle with a precise internal capacity – used to determine the density of liquid samples. 0.30 1/3
Still, 1 gallon For distilling purified water. All metal parts are tin-lined. 8.75 36/0
Spectrometer, Constant Deviation Table-top model with heavy iron base; has a vernier drum that reads directly in wavelengths. Used to determine chemical composition by the light emitted/absorbed. 121.25 £25/0/0
Camera Designed to mount to spectrometer – 21-inch focal length lens. 31.50 £6/10/0
Surveying Equipment:
Clinometer, Military Accurately determines slopes and grades. 5.05 £1/11/0
Plane Table, 17” x 14”, w/ tripod Used as the drawing surface for making maps. Includes a compass and sight rule, and metal tripod. 13.85 £2/17/0
Surveying Chain, iron 1.95 8/0
Surveying Rods, 5’, pair 0.85 3/6
Theodolite, 5” scope, w/ tripod 121.25 £25/0/0
Telescope, Astronomical, 2 ” Refractor  Brass body, rank-and-pinion focusing. Alt-azimuth mounting of brass claw table stand. 43.15 £8/18s
Telescope, Astronomical, 5” Refractor  High quality instrument with 5 eyepieces, finder, and dew cap. Packed in a pine case. 266.75 £55/0s
Equatorial Mount, for 5” telescope Iron column base, equatorial mounting with fine adjustment knobs and setting circles. Declination graduated to 1 minute of arc, hour to 15 seconds of arc. Base includes leveling screws and two spirit levels 242.50 £50/0s
Clock Drive for Equatorial Mount 109.15 £22/10s
Sun Diagonal Eyepiece Reduces light levels, allowing direct observation of the sun. 5.11 £1/1s
Thermograph, with drum chart recorder Recording thermometer – chart drive is spring wound with an 8-day movement. Charts cover 24 hours. 23.65 £4/17/6
Thermometer reads from 0 – 100 F.
Vacuum Pump, 3-cylinder, with stage and bell jar 87.30 £ 18/0/0