Working Class Starting Wardrobe and Accessories

Typical Working Class Tradesman Wardrobe

Item £/S/d
1 overcoat 1/15/0
1 hat, work/day to day -/2/6
1 week-day work suit with waistcoat 2/0/0
1 Sunday suit with waistcoat 2/10/0
1 pair socks -/1/10
1 pair boots -/10/6
1 Combination (Union Suit) -/7/8
1 flannel shirt -/3/0
2 collar -/1/-
2 pair cuffs -/1/4
collar, buttons -/0/1
1 pair braces (suspenders) -/2/2
1 tie, bow or other type -/3/0
Total value


Lower Working Class Woman Wardrobe

Item £/S/d
Apron, Gingham 1/0
Cape, Spring, wool 9/5
Chemise, cotton, 2/3
Drawers, Muslin, with Hamburg lace edging 2/3
Hair Pin 3/1
Handbag, also called a “Shopping Bag” 4/2
Handkerchief 3/5
Hat, untrimmed, straw 1/6
Hose, Cotton, solid-colored 0/5
Jacket, Spring, wool 17/7
Nightgown, Cotton, herringbone trim, embroidered ruffled collar 5/10
Overboots, Rubber, button-up 1/5
Shawl, Wool 4/3
Shirtwaist, black sateen 3/1
Shoes, “Common Sense” Oxfords 5/2
Skirt, wool serge 12/6
Umbrella, black silk, ebony crook handle 5/2
Underwear; Wool Union Suit 4/1
Wrapper, ready-made, indigo cotton print The wrapper was a simple housedress or daytime dress. 3/1
Total Value 4/16/1


Accessory Items (Working Class)

These items are things that the character has acquired (saved for and purchased, inherited, traded, found on the street, stolen, etc.)

Brooch (Costume)
Playing Cards
Reading Glasses
Pocket Watch (Nickle Steel)
Pocket Knife (3” blade, wood grip)
Pipe and Tobacco
Matches & match case
Comb and Brush, bone & wood
Hand Mirror, wood
Hair Pin
Hat Pin
Shoe Polish set
Wedding band (silver)
Mustache wax
Pen & ink, 50 sheets of paper
Pencil, small pad
Clothes Brush
Crucifix/cross, wall hanging wood or brass
Crucifix/cross, jewlrey (small silver)
Family Photo in album
Family Photo in frame
Gladstone Travel Bag Canvas
Market Basket, with lid, Large
Canvas Duffle Bag
Blanket, wool, light
Mattress roll
Flask, steel
Tea Kettle & cups
Dutch Oven with lid, cast iron
Frying pan, cast iron
Kitchen implements, chopping knife, spatula, spoons, cutlery
Extra Clothing (choose one item from appropriate list)
Cigar or cigarette case, japanned cardboard
Scissors, sewing kit
Straight Razor and shaving brush & cup
Scarf & gloves, wool
Overalls, Bib Front, brown 10-ounce duck, reinforced inside